1. That’s Life
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That’s Life

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That’s Life started out as an acoustic song with many different verses and a repeating chorus. I actually wrote it after watching a Bob Dylan documentary. But this is different, it’s the “wish you were here/comfortably numb” version of that’s life - with 3 guitar solos! Although it did turn out very “November rain” (not a bad thing).

It’s the finale; the final track* of the year. The 10th single of 2023 and it perfectly wraps up everything I’ve said in she/her, he doesn’t care, calling etc. You’ll also notice it features a combination of instruments used in this years tracks.
It’s out on the 1st of December.

*I may have written a Christmas song too.


Sometimes I got out while it's light
Just to see what life is like
I used to be the social kind
But now it all just gives me a freight
As I walk these dirty streets
I see all kinds of people you could meet
I see a couple waiting for their lunch
She smiles she loves her so much

That's life it's the wind in the shade
That's life being forced ti act your age
That's life it's the sun in your back
That's life it's the sudden heart attack

That's life it's the monks in queen street
That's life all the people that you meet
That's life it's all the blue lights passing me
That's life all the rats that we don't see

That's life that what people say
That's life nothings free so now you pay
That's life it could go either way
Here I am hoping I get a life one day