Terf Me, I’m Worthless

Danswell & The Symptoms

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Terf Me, I’m Worthless

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Terf Me, I’m Worthless is inspired by my own experiences of the swift rise of recycled homophobia and “gender critical” ideology in the U.K. It’s also inspired by the Horror novels of Alison Rumfitt.

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An interview - https://elxarproductions.com/getting-to-know-danswell-the-symptoms/


Terf Me, I’m Worthless is out now. You can play it on any streaming site and on the site wide player. The video premiers at 6pm Thursday 9th of May (See above for both).

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I still haven’t figured out how to describe (Danswell & The Symptoms) music. It makes a sound that feels like it fills a missing puzzle piece in my brain ”

Only The Host

Danswell does important work. They let us revisit, or open up doors. Not a lot of songs or artists do that. His sounds provide an environment for my musical memory. I just want to hang out there all day. ” - Kelly Kintner, Friendly Shadows Podcast

Friendly Shadows